Instant PayPal to MPESA withdrawals.
Transfer funds from PayPal to MPESA fast and securely using Clam. What's more, the rates are the lowest in the market.


  • Brief: Enables instant withdrawals from PayPal to MPESA
  • Date: 1st Jan, 2017
  • Online: clam.cafrecode.com
  • Google Play Store: Clam

There’s a recently launched service called Clam that provides the capability to withdraw funds from PayPal to MPESA at such low rates that you are essentially only paying the currency conversion fees. The money appears in your MPESA account within minutes.

Transactions are instant and availability is 24/7 , making it very convenient for freelancers or other online content providers to withdraw their cash at anytime. Besides offering fast, simple and top notch service, product support is also inherently awesome.

Besides the PayPal to MPESA transfers, Clam also supports PayPal top up from MPESA accounts, providing a new feature that most other players are yet to implement. PayPal account holders wishing to withdraw funds have for a long time had to deal with agents who charge exorbitant interest rates and have a high risk of duping unsuspecting clients wishing to collect funds, most times disappearing after receiving a payment. Clam has eliminated this possibility by completely automating the process and ensuring security for client’s money.

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